Let’s Sock is the first sock community ever.

Sock community?! Yeah.
Something never seen before: our people not only wear the socks, but they decide our next collection by voting their favourite patterns.
Even better: they create the patterns, submitting ideas here.

The most voted artworks come to life: we spin them and make them available.

Basically we have just one goal: to make you smile.
we think that socks are a private matter, something that sets your mood for the day, something that makes you smile in the morning while you get ready. something that colours your world.

Are we exaggerating? Maybe.
Or maybe not.

Two Friends

Michele and Alessio become friends at the high school, then they lose contact for some time. They meet again and find out they got a common passion: giving life to beautiful things.

Their first attempt is Tee Tee, Italy’s biggest t-shirt community, founded in 2013. Now they want to colour the feet of the world, and that’s why you’re here: to find out the most rocking socks of the Earth!